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C1-350CMY Outperforms White Light Source Fixture

Feb. 26, 2018

-Still, with superior colors

During LDI 2017, CY LIGHTING will launch the first product in a series of new 350W 3in1 with CMY moving heads called C1-350CMY. Eventually, the series will be comprised of a Spot, a Profile, a Wash, and a narrow Wash-Beam.

The first to be launched and ready for production is the C1-350CMY.

With this new moving head spot light, the advantages are clear-cut. They include (but are not limited to):

1. Light Source: YODN MSD350 R17,8000K

2. Zoom Angle: 1.5- 35° fast linear zoom, motorized focus

3. Color Wheel: 15 static colors + white, 3 separate color wheels with Gradual CMY fade

4. Gobo Wheel: 1 fixed gobo wheel with 13 gobos plus open

5. 1 rotating gobo wheel with 12 gobos plus open

6. 12/36 facet prism, both of them can rotate in both directions

7. 0~100% smooth dimming

8. Various strobe speeds

C1-CMY350 is powerful 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash moving head that is loaded with advanced optics, mechanics, and electronic technology, all built around an extremely bright 350W discharge lamp. It features a 1.5- 35° zoom that can provide super sharp narrow or wide beam aerial effects with highly saturated colors via its CMY color mixing system. 

The advanced CMY color mixing system built into the C1-350CMY, CMY consists of 3 separate color wheels with gradual Cyan/Magenta/Yellow fade, plus 5 carefully selected color filters on each wheel, for a total of 15 static colors + white, which allows users to achieve a wide range of color possibilities. Other outstanding features of the C1-350CMY include smooth 540/280° pan & tilt movement (8 and 16-bit resolution), dual gobo wheels (#1 rotating, with 12 gobos + open, and #2 with 13 static gobos + open), 12/36-facet rotating prism with auto beam adjustment, motorized zoom and focus, gobo shake, frost filter, and 1-18Hz cycle strobe for an endless amount great beam effects. 21/23/28-channel DMX channel modes are also available and its operating modes include master/slave, auto mode, and sound active mode.

C1-350CMY fixtures offer an easy-to-use 5-button LCD control panel, dual side handles for easy transportation, powerCON® compatible power input connection, 3/5-pin DMX In/Out jacks, and dual quarter-turn "Omega" quick connect type clamp brackets for secure truss mounting, making this one incredible 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash moving head fixture.

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